The Zappos company began in 1999 over a pair of shoes. That's right when Zappos founded Nick Swinmurn couldn't find a pair of shoes he wanted in a mall, he decided to look online only to discover that there was no major shoe stores doing business online at that time. Seeing the need for a shoe store that offered a wide variety of choices of brands, colors, sizes, and widths of shoes he decided that he would open such as shoe store. He did. In the years since the store has continued to grow and change. While they still have a wide selection of shoes, they also offer clothing and other items as well. They also have joined with Amazon to help give their customers the best services and prices available through their ten different stores.

You may have seen those coupons for Zappos that offers all kinds of great deals such as free shipping, percentages off on select merchandise and other supposed money saving deals you can get using a Zappos coupon. Sadly, these coupons really aren't worth the paper they are written on. You of course can spend your limited amount of free time clipping Zappos coupons in an effort to save money on a variety of Zappos merchandise but, one you actually visit the Zappos website you will find that your Zappo discount codes are completely worthless. Here's why.

The Zappos Deals Are Part Of Their Regular Service

For starters all those Zappo coupon deals are all ready part of what Zappos offers every customer. No coupon needed. They offer free shipping on all their merchandise going both ways, so having a Zappos coupon for free shipping is simply redundant and not issued by the company. Second, Zappos allows you to return merchandise for a full 365 days, and they offer 24/7 customer service.

The Zappos coupons you get for 35% ,50% or more on selected items are items that are all ready for sale on their website for the these same discounts. In most cases if you click on the link that says Zappos discount coupons you will see that it says “discount activated no coupon needed.” Which is definitely a smart move as Zappos won't accept the coupon anyway.

The Company Is Dedicated To Giving You A Great Shopping Experience

The simple fact is that Zappos is dedicated to giving their customers a great shopping experience. They do their best to give their customers good deals on all their merchandise all the time. This means that they keep their prices reasonable to start with. Since they don't have a huge mark up on their merchandise to start with, they simply don't need to have use coupons to encourage people to shop with them. Most of their sales, are simply to clear old merchandise in order to make room for new merchandise.

Unlike many online stores, Zappos own their own warehouses, and they won't offer any piece of merchandise for sale that isn't in their warehouse and available for shipment. This means when your order merchandise from this company you won't get a message saying they are out of stock or that the merchandise is on back order. You order a product from this company you get it. It's as simple as that.

Zappos is dedicated to giving every shopper the most positive online shopping experience possible, and you simply can't give out coupons for a great shopping experience.