TGI Friday's

Walking in to a T.G.I. Friday’s and smelling the aroma of the many cooked foods, and drinks you cannot help but to think to yourself “thank goodness its Fridays.” T.G.I Friday’s has been known by people of all ages to be a great place to get good food, great drinks, and an awesome atmosphere. It stands out among other dining places with its unique design featuring its famous red and white stripes and Tiffany lamps. The exterior doors have F shaped handles, providing you with an atmosphere that really makes you feel like it’s always Friday.

T.G.I Fridays was not always such a big franchise or chain of dining restaurants. The founder of T.G.I Friday’s actually founded the place in 1965 as an attempt to meet women. Queensboro Bridge, his neighborhood, was filled with stewardesses, and fashion models and there were not many places to socialize except for cocktail parties, and “guys” bars, where many women did not frequent. For $10000 Stillman purchased a bar called The Good Tavern on 63rd and First avenue and renamed it T.G.I Fridays after the popular expression “Thank God (or Goodness) it’s Fridays.” Soon enough Fridays became the local hangout for the young crowd in the neighborhood and it had a huge success. Today T.G.I Fridays is owned by Carlson Companies and currently has over 900 restaurants in over 60 countries.

T.G.I Friday’s has a large menu emphasizing on alcoholic beverages including its popular “Ultimate” drinks and various blended drinks. They also have many Appetizers, Steaks, Ribs, Seafood, Soups, Salads, Chicken, Pasta, Burgers, Sandwiches, and many Desserts. T.G.I Friday’s also offers many rewards and TGI Friday’s Coupons are a great way to take advantage of some more savings.

TGI Fridays Coupons – a Great way to Save Money and Eat What You Love

With so much rewards already available, and it great process including daily, monthly, weekly and seasonal specials T.G.I Friday’s offers you many ways to enjoy a great time of dining and drinking and also save money while doing it. You can also take advantage of the many great TGI Friday’s coupons that are available which give you great deals and discounts on food and drinks. Whether you’re going with a few friends and coworkers or planning your next party, these TGI Friday’s Coupons offer you many great deals to make your visit a successful one.

To give you an idea of all the great things you can get or save money on with these amazing TGI Friday’s coupons would be just teasing your taste buds, but just imagine how appetizing it would be to enjoy a great Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp plate, try it tender grilled with their famous Jack Daniel’s sauce. For a healthier choice you can even get the Pecan-Crusted Chicken salad, served with balsamic vinaigrette and dried cranberries, oranges, and bleu cheese.

As for big flavors for smaller mouths, TGI Friday’s Coupons also offer great deals for kids too. Your children can enjoy many of the tasty entrees including mac & cheese, Hamburgers, and Chicken Fingers which are all served with you choice of a side and a beverage.

Let T.G.I Friday’s take care of you and your family after a busy day, or work week. The Hard-working staff of professional servers and chefs makes sure you get the service you deserve and the quality you can trust. Pick up your TGI Fridays Coupons today, and stop on by for a great time.