Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is a chain of restaurants which serve American food. They are best known for their hand cut steaks, fall of the bone ribs, chicken, seafood and of course their Margaritas. The chain operates more than 300 locations in 46 states and is known for the free peanut buckets it offers its patrons at every table. You could find Texas Roadhouse coupons which would allow you to sample their fare at a discount.

The first Texas Roadhouse restaurant was opened by its founder Kent Taylor on February 17th 1993 in Clarksville, Indiana. The second was opened in Gainsville, Florida and the chain just took off from there. Kent Taylor's whole idea of his restaurant was not just to open a steakhouse, but to have a restaurant where you could go to have a great meal and have fun all at a reasonable price. Most of the Texas Roadhouse restaurants offer line dancing as entertainment, all the waiters and waitresses in these restaurants learn line dancing and dance to popular country songs right through the night. In some restaurants they perform every hour during dinner services. In some of the restaurants they even taught country line dancing and the staff knew between 5 and 10 different dances.

As far as the food goes Texas Roadhouse serves American cuisine. Everything on the menu is made from scratch in the restaurants including salads, dressing, sauces and side dishes. Their hand cut steaks are not frozen and cut in house except for their 18oz T bone steaks. Their bread is freshly baked and everything is hand crafted. The portions of food are quite large as they want you to get the most for your dollar.

Some of the most popular items on their menu include: Hand cut 20 oz Bone in Rib-eye steak served with a special peppercorn sauce and two side dishes, Their Dallas Fillet lets you choose from either a 6 oz or 8 oz cut, this steak is the most tender lean steak which is served with two side dishes. Their Fillet Medallions are three tender fillets totaling 9 oz which is topped with your choice of Portabella mushroom or Peppercorn sauce and they are served on a bed of rice with two sides.

Their Fall of the bone ribs are slow cooked to perfection and are served as a half or whole slab. They are seasoned with a unique blend of spices and BBQ sauce. They too come with two sides.

When it comes to chicken their Chicken Critters and Country fried chicken is hand battered and fried to a crispy brown. The country Fried chicken comes with a creamy gravy. Not to mention their Grilled BBQ chicken which is a half pound breast, marinated and basted in BBQ sauce. Their Oven roasted chicken, which is half a chicken uniquely seasoned and slow roasted served with two sides. The Portabella mushroom chicken which is a chicken breast, marinated and grilled with a Portabella mushroom sauce, jack cheese and fresh Parmesan.

When you visit a Texas Roadhouse with your Texas Roadhouse coupons, not only will the quality of the food be above exception but you will also enjoy the entertainment and the friendly service, making it a truly wonderful experience.