Sweet Tomatoes

If you love fresh then you will love Sweet Tomatoes! Operating across the United States, these buffet style restaurants bring only the freshest ingredients to your plate and everything that you eat there is made from scratch, in the restaurant. There are no frozen or pre-made meals to be found here! As part of the Souplantation family of restaurants, Sweet Tomatoes has the same high standards of excellence when it comes to friendly service and fresh food.

Sweet Tomatoes Coupons – Your Ticket to Fresh Food

Use your Sweet Tomato coupon to enjoy a meal where everything is made fresh in the restaurant and all of the fresh ingredients are fresh. Once it is picked, food is packed in a refrigerated truck and on their way to the stores within 24 hours, now that is fresh!

When you walk into a Sweet Tomatoes location, the first thing you will notice is the salad bar. Their salad bar contains over 50 fresh and tasty ingredients so you can put as little, or as much on your salad as you want; and it is all you can eat so you can always go back. In addition to building your own salad, they have a few freshly tossed prepared salads for you to try.

They have more than just salad! There is a selection of soups for you to try, every soup is made with the freshest ingredients and made right there. Their pastas are also made daily so they are fresh and delicious. From focaccia to muffins, you will find hot, fresh, bakery bread items to compliment your meal. If you have room, enjoy a baked potato and all the fixings.

No meal is complete without dessert! For those watching their weight there is fruit, and either Jell-O or a pudding. Ice cream lovers will enjoy the soft serve ice cream and toppings bar. After 4pm, enjoy a decadent warm dessert at most locations.

Because fresh means never boring, you will find an ever-changing menu at Sweet Tomatoes. Every month they feature different salads, soups, pastas, and breads. Stay on top of the upcoming menu by signing up for Club Veg. Club Veg also sends you exclusive member discounts.

Sweet Tomatoes Printable Coupons – Explore Farm Fresh Foods

Not only does Sweet Tomatoes get the food fresh to their stores within 24 hours after it is picked, but they are certified as being fully “green.” The Green Restaurant Association has certified all of the Sweet Tomatoes locations as being “green.” Sweet Tomatoes has taken steps to ensure that their restaurant operations have a minimal impact on the environment. They are the only chain restaurant in the United State to have every location get certified, which is quite a distinction!

If you are craving food with that home cooked feel, you will love Sweet Tomatoes. This all you can eat fresh experience will have you coming back for more. The menu never gets boring because it is never the same so visit often to experience even more flavors and tastes.