One of the most recognizable fast food brands in the world is Subway. The company was founded in 1965 and has expanded ever since through franchisees to over 100 countries and 36,000 restaurant locations around the world. The most favorable characteristic about Subway that has helped its worldwide reputation is its submarine sandwiches that provide a healthy alternative to fast food meals and an overall unique taste and quality.

When entering a Subway location, customers will notice a modern decorative design and atmosphere within the restaurant. An open counter protected with glass displays the various kinds of menu items, toppings, meats and breads available in order to order a sandwich from the main menu or to customize your own sandwich the way you like it. Almost all locations have bright yellow lights, as well as chairs and tables where customers can sit and enjoy their meals. The atmosphere of all Subway locations is definitely inviting and offers its customers a nice atmosphere to grab a quick bite to eat.

Given the expansion of the company all over the world, customers can take advantage of various Subway coupons that are widely available on the internet, newspapers and coupon directories. The average combo at Subway costs between $6 to $9 depending upon the size of the sandwich and its contents, by using Subway coupons customers can save up to $2 to $3 on their total combo purchase with extra savings on other items such as cookies, chips and drinks offered by most locations.

It is highly recommended to always read the restrictions and be aware of each coupon’s limitations. Some coupons are only offered for a limited time period, only apply to particular menu items and they cannot be used on all locations. Reading the fine print on each coupon and informing yourself about the coupon’s restrictions is an excellent way to ensure yourself about the potential savings in order to not run the risk of being surprised in the long run with a coupon that you cannot use.

Menu Items Available with Subway Coupons

Customers can use their Subway coupons in order to save money on their purchases of combo meals and many other selected menu items, some of these include single sandwiches with no combo, regular drinks, cookies and chips. Some of the most popular sandwiches from the menu include the widely recognized footlong sandwiches which consist of a one-foot long sandwich with various types of ingredients, meats, sauces and contents. There are many coupons that offer these footlong sandwiches for $5 which are not always included in the menu as footlong sandwiches for $5, thereby allowing customers to get more value for their money. Other coupons offer the advantage to customers to eat with friends or family; these coupons usually include a 50% discount on the second combo with the purchase of one combo.

How to Get Subway Coupons

The process of obtaining the best Subway coupons that deliver the greatest amounts of savings is a fairly simple process in which several key strategies must be considered. The first step is to search for coupons at the official Subway website, The website usually includes promotional coupons available to be used in certain locations around the United States, Canada and globally by specifying the particular geographical region in consideration.

Customers can also register with their name, e-mail and other contact information on the official website to receive news, promotions and the best offers from Subway right on their email. Another great way to obtain coupons is to take a look at the various newspaper inserts that come every Sunday in your mailbox. These inserts usually include coupons on your local Subway locations. Do not forget also to check out your local Subway Facebook profile for other special promotions that are released on a first-come first-served basis.

Using Subway Coupons

The majority of Subway coupons that are found at their official website are printable coupons that can be printed from the comfort of your home and be used at the location that is specified in the coupon. Other coupons are presented by themselves on various newspaper inserts and magazines, the only thing that customers have to do is to cut out these coupons and use them at their local Subway restaurant. By simply handing in the coupon to the sandwich maker at the moment of placing your order, he or she will validate it and apply to your purchase at the moment of paying for your meal.

Enjoying the various and healthy menu items of Subway with various money-saving coupons will motivate you to keep coming back at your local Subway restaurant in order to try all of their sandwiches with thousands of different customizations available. It had never been easier to enjoy healthy fast food meals and saving money at the same time with Subway coupons.