Starbucks Corporation is a chain of coffee houses, based in Seattle and spread all across the World. Starbucks has considerable presence in countries like United States, Japan, China, Canada, Great Britain, South Korea, Taiwan and Mexico, and it is one of the largest coffee companies all across the Globe. In an attempt to expand further and make their presence felt, the company also offers a lot of Starbucks discount coupons as well as printable Starbucks vouchers, which have resulted in a further increase of its overall clientele.

History of Starbucks

The first Starbucks was opened on March 30, 1971, in Seattle. It began in the form of a local coffee bean roasting and retailing company, and soon expanded rapidly. All throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Starbucks was in the process of opening a new outlet, every single day. The first overseas Starbucks store was opened in the mid 1990s, and today, the overseas stores constitute more than one third of the company’s total stores.

What Starbucks is Famous For?

Starbucks is mainly famous for different varieties of coffee it has in its menu. Some of these popular drinks include drip brewed coffee, hot drinks, which are espresso based along with other cold and hot drinks. Apart from these, Starbucks also offers some highly popular eatables like hot and cold sandwiches, salads, sweet pastries, Panini and other snacks. You can also purchase other items like authentic coffee beans and fancy mugs and tumblers.

Starbucks Discount Coupons

In an attempt to increase its popularity and sales, the market is flooded with a wide variety of Starbucks coupons. With the help of these Starbucks discount vouchers; you will be able to treat yourself as well as your loved ones without spending too much money. Starbucks coupons will let you enjoy the biggest discounts and some hottest deals on your Starbucks menu.

You can get hold of these Starbucks discount coupons from a retailer or in the form of a complimentary gift along with one of your purchases. Mostly, you will come across Starbucks printable coupons, which can easily be downloaded from the web, and printed to avail the desired discounts.

There are lots of printable Starbucks vouchers wherein you can have two drinks for the price of one, or get a free brownie or muffin along with your purchases. Some Starbucks coupons can specifically be used for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, thus making them more enjoyable and exciting. Other Starbucks discount coupons are percentage based, which will let you save a certain percentage (usually, between 10 -50%) on your final bill.

Hence, Starbucks not only offers you a hard-to-resist menu, but also offers some exciting ways in which you can have full value for your money. So, start collecting your Starbucks coupons and splurge in a caffeine hit.