Souplantation is the name given to the chain of restaurants found in the United States, which specializes mainly in the buffet style of delicacies. This kind of restaurant was first opened in San Diego in California. It came into being in the year 1978 and its headquarters are still there. The company opened with the name of Garden Fresh Corp in the year 1983. The company became public in the year 1995 and it became private again in the year 2004. The main locations of the place are in southern California. Then the company spread its wings in other areas in the name of Sweet Tomatoes.

The restaurants come with some exceptional features like a salad bar, several soups and baked potato bar, breads, pastas along with muffins and pizzas. These also include several fountain drinks, dessert and fruit counter with an ice cream machine. Maximum number of restaurant operates on a stomach-contract basis. This company is also certified as “green restaurant” by one of the associations. This food mart is completely green as it gives the first priority to the environment. These restaurants also provide something sort of souplantation coupons, which give you a massive discount on all the food prices.

The first restaurant of this sort named souplantation was started in Mission Gorge Road. This place is located in San Diego in the year 1978. From the very first day, the restaurant made its mark with the innovative idea of Dennis Jay. He was mainly a bartender at Bull & Bear in the bar El Cajon. This is a magnificent dream possessed by him and he had talked about this with his friends. One of them was an attorney by profession and the other was a bail bondsman. After the foundation of this restaurant, Michael Mack became the in charge.

This chain has extended in various places since its inception and it has now more than 20 branches in Florida. They have other stores in several parts of United States. This restaurant is also known as Sweet Tomatoes and it is known throughout the world for its amazing salads and soups. It also serves several other hot delicacies on the plate. The souplantation coupons are wonderful choices given by the restaurant to regular customers for discount. These coupons can give you smart choice of your loving dishes at an amazingly affordable price. The salads and soups on the menu are changed time to time to suit the appetite of your tongue.