People residing in the U.S and Canada must be familiar with the name of the retail giant Sears. Sears is one of the leading retailers of home appliances, house ware, tools, electronics, clothing, foot ware, bedding, furniture, and jewelry and beauty products. Any household product, you name it, and you are sure to find it at Sears.

The marketing team of Sears doles out some great marketing tools and techniques from time to time to attract and retain their customer base. Often you can find Sears coupons, Sears coupon code, Sears promo code, Sears discount code been given out to attract the customers. These promotional techniques are very attractive for the customers as they can avail of some great discounts by using the Sears’s coupon and codes. If you come across a sears coupon or sears promo code make sure that you take full advantage of it.

History of Sears

Sears is a retail company which is publicly held. Originally named Sears, Roebuck and Co, the company was established by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah C Roebuck in 1886. Initially the company operated through mail order catalogs.

Richard Warren Sears noticed the need of consumers, especially rural consumers, for an informed choice when it comes to purchasing goods. He started with selling watches and in a matter of few years his company started dealing with household products like sewing machines, dolls, refrigerators, stoves, groceries, bicycles, sporting goods, automobiles etc. In the mean time he had formed a partnership with Chicago based Alvah C. Roebuck. Later he also started the catalog plant to print the company catalog which went on to become hugely successful. Sears came to be a well known brand known for quality products, affordable rates and customer satisfaction.

The company saw a phenomenal growth until its downturn during the World War 2 from which it subsequently recovered and did away with the mail order catalogs as it became outdated. The company still prints catalogs for special items but, by and large, at present it is a retail outlet with hundreds of stores all over, and also has web based alternatives.

The company merged with Kmart and now it is marketed under the name of Sears holding corporations. Sears Holding Corporation is listed under NASDAQ and it is United States fourth largest broad line retailer with over 4000 full line and specialty retail stores all over America and Canada.

Sears coupons

Sears is known for providing quality products at an affordable price. Time and again sears comes up with marketing strategies like giving out Sears discount coupons, Sears promo coupons which assures you huge discounts on specific products. For instance you can avail of various Sears discount coupons online by clicking on the code or items on which discount is being offered. Most of them are printable coupons which you can take to the nearest store and get it discounted.

One important thing that you need to remember that every Sears coupon come with an expiry date and you should avail of the offer before the expiry date, else you will miss out a great deal on the goods. To avail of great Sears discount specials you need to check the daily newspapers as well as the internet.

They offer great discounts on items ranging from refrigerators, toasters, sandwich makers to gym equipments. Some of the discount offers are only for online purchases. Before availing of an offer you need to check out in the internet the location of the nearest Sears retail store and the goods that are available there and the discounts being offered.

You can print the printable Sears discount codes and avail of those discounts at selected stores. Alternatively you can purchase from Sears online and use the Sears promo codes which you can use in their promo box at checkout and receive large discounts on certain purchases.

Their discounts can range from 5% to 70% and they offer discounts during clearance and also during festivities to boost sales. If you are availing of the discounts at the retail stores then you can pay with cash check, debit card, Sears’s cash card, coupons or EBT cash. In case you are affecting your purchases online you can choose to pay with credit cards like sears card, master card, visa, sears master card, discover, American express, Sears gift card or PayPal.

You can also purchase Sears gift cards of $10, $25, $50, $100 or $250 denominations and they are applicable at all online as well as retail stores. The best thing about the gift cards is that there is no expiry date or usage fee and you can easily give it as a gift to someone.

Sears review

Sears is a name everyone associates with quality and affordability. The retail giant deals with every imaginable house hold items ranging from house furniture, kitchen appliances, decoration items, cutleries, apparels, cosmetics, jewelries, sports gears, automobiles to garden and lawn appliances. Even with such a huge product base the quality of their products and services has never deteriorated. Sears keep on giving attractive discounts from time to time. During festivities like Christmas or even during days like father’s day or mother’s day, valentine’s day etc they give out attractive discounts.

At sears you have the option to either go down to a store and buy goods or you can simply order them via internet from the luxury of your home. Be it the Sears discount codes, special discounts or promo codes, you always have vast possibility of saving money. With so many new retail outlets coming up, the prices of goods are really competitive and with the discounts being doled by Sears can really boost up your savings. The marketing team of Sears understands the mass sentiments and they know that discounts help to attract people. Sears offers goods at prices way below what other dealers offer and this helps to boost up the sales.

People trust Sears as Sears has always believed in putting customer satisfaction above everything else. So next time you get hold of Sears coupon make sure that you take full advantage of it.