Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen opened in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1972. Since then the chain has expanded to 40 states, bringing their Louisiana style chicken, biscuits, and meals to many satisfied customers. Popeyes is now a global enterprise, with locations in several countries, bringing the distinctive flavors of Popeyes around the world.

Popeyes Coupons – Helping Bring Louisiana Flavors to You

Food with a Louisiana flair, which is what Popeyes promises and delivers upon. Your mouth will love you for bringing the slow cooked flavors to Popeyes Louisiana fast cuisine. From individual meals to hearty family meals, you and your family will love the flavors of Popeyes. Here are the menu options to tempt any palate:

  • Bonafide Chicken – Marinated chicken with a crunch; full of all of the spice and flavor that Louisiana has to offer. Enjoy your chicken in either spicy or mild.
  • Chicken Tenders – For those that like their chicken off the bone, these tasty tenders will make your mouth water. Tenders are available in mild, spicy, or naked, which are tenders without the batter and the breading but still has all of the flavor that you crave.
  • Shrimp – Nothing says Louisiana like crispy, deep fried shrimp. Enjoy some of their seasoned popcorn shrimp or one of their crispy and mouth-watering shrimp po’boys, the classic Louisiana sandwich.
  • Po-Boys – Choose either naked chicken tenders or battered and breaded chicken tenders on a French baguette, full of flavor and loaded with pickles, and lettuce.
  • Louisiana Leaux – Meals that pack a lot of flavor but have fewer calories – these meals include the naked tenders in a combo, sandwich, wraps, and even kid’s meals.
  • Signature Sides – The distinctive flavors of Popeyes does not stop with their chicken and meals, their side dishes are the perfect partners to their chicken. Choose from:
    • Cole Slaw - Crispy and tangy, perfect to cool down a hot mouth!
    • Cajun Fries – French fries with a Cajun twist.
    • Mashed Potatoes – Creamy mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy.
    • Red Beans & Rice – Nothing says Louisiana like red beans & rice and this side dish does not disappoint.
    • Green Beans – With turkey bacon for extra flavor.
    • Biscuits – No meal is complete without a butter biscuit that nearly melts in your mouth.
    • Cajun Rice – Herb seasoned Cajun rice full of delicious flavor and with a meaty punch, another Louisiana classic side.

Popeyes Printable Coupons – Your Ticket to Louisiana without Leaving your State

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Eat it there or take it home, either way you will not be disappointed with the flavor of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. From mild to spicy, their flavor is sure to satisfy. See why this chain has gone global!