Walter Evans began Petco in 1965 when he started selling veterinary supplies by mail-order. There were only five associates then and the company was originally called United Pharmaceutical Company (UPCO). In 1976 he opened the first brick & mortar store and was a big hit. Their mission then was to buy the best veterinary and pet supplies and then sell directly to the public and animal professionals at reduced prices.

Petco has come a long way since those days and is now a privately held company it just keeps growing. The chain now has more than 1,150 stores all over the country, with and additional 30 Unleashed by Petco locations, all employing over 22,000 associates nationwide.

Petco's Wide Variety of Food and Supplies

Petco stores carry a wide variety of food and other supplies and accessories for birds, dogs, fish, cats and many other small animals. In fact, they carry many more food items than there nearest competitor, PetSmart, with dog foods totaling 389 items representing 44 brands and 306 food products for cats from 36 different manufacturers. Their food selections for dogs and cats alone make any local grocery store choices pail by comparison.

Petco Products and Services

In addition to dog and cat food and supplies, Petco carries a wide variety of items for your pet care needs including:

  • Live Fish, Food & Supplies
  • Small Animal Supplies
  • Ferret Supplies
  • Reptile Supplies
  • Pond Supplies
  • Bird Supplies

Some of the additional services for pet care offered by Petco include:

  • Grooming Salon
  • Dog Training
  • Pet Insurance
  • Mobile Grooming
  • Affordable Vaccinations

The Bottomless Bowl & More

One of the great Petco deals is called Bottomless Bowl & More. It is a service where you subscribe to have the pet food and supplies of your choice delivered to your home or office automatically. Not only can you have food delivered, you can also have tick and flea products, nutritional supplements and medications delivered as well.

If you go their website you will find over 3,000 products displaying the Bottomless Bowl icon. Any item purchased through this service will be delivered on a regular schedule that you determine. If you search online you will also find Petco discount codes, Petco coupon codes and Petco printable coupons.

Petco has a wonderful selection of pet food and supplies, friendly and caring store associates and as well as a very shopper friendly, a well-organized web site that makes the online shopping process easy. With all these great features Petco pet stores is worth your consideration, and you dog or cat will appreciate it, too.