Despite of the many ups and downs during their start in the soft drinks industry in 1893, Pepsi has managed to get back up and stand together with other big brands in the industry today. They have long been battling the spotlight particularly with Coca-Cola for years and it is quite amazing how they were able to still make their products unique and memorable in the market. Like other competing brands, they have gathered quite a lot of loyal customers.

Pepsi started in 1893 where it was first named as Brad’s Drink and by 1898 it was renamed as Pepsi Cola. 1961 was the year that marked the name Pepsi. Since then, Pepsi started to flourish, and experience their own rise and falls, yet new brands and products were introduced to their patrons. They have sold many varieties of drinks to different countries which include carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks, waters, teas, and fountain beverages. The brands they carry for these drinks include Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Mug, Tropicana, Gatorade, Lipton, Starbucks Refreshers, AMP Energy, Dole Juice, Propel Zero, Aquafina, Izze, Manzanita Sol, Naked Juice, Ocean Spray, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Seattle's Best Coffee, Sierra Mist, SoBe, and Tazo.

We all love to drink our favorite soft drink in times of cravings. Let us face it, these cravings come more than often especially to those who are very fond of it. To all Pepsi lovers, finding that perfect Pepsi bottle to drink is not much of a struggle. You can find Pepsi in almost every store and restaurants that you go to. But of course, these drinks are not as low priced unlike any other juices and drinks that you can find in grocery stores. Now that is where Pepsi coupons come in handy!

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Pepsi, unlike other soft drink brands, uses a unique way to advertise their products to people by using famous celebrities and artists to promote their products and as we can see, it definitely was a cool and smart way of marketing. Their recent campaign features Beyoncé with a very catching phrase that says “Embrace your past, but live for now”.

But, more than their great marketing strategies, what greater news there is, than to know that your favorite soft drinks can offer you discounts on some of their products right? If you happen to be on a tight budget today, do not let that keep you from buying your Pepsi by using their Pepsi discount codes, Pepsi coupon codes, and the likes.

We always have to be smart about all the things that we do, especially when it comes to spending money. So if you happen to stumble upon a Pepsi coupon, do not hesitate on using it.