Olive Garden

Fancy Italian cuisines as a dinner treat? Head over to the nearest Olive Garden near you for a dining experience not to be missed. The Olive Garden franchise specializes in an Italian-American cuisine; with pasta dishes, steaks and salads amongst the more frequented dishes within its impressive menu line up. The brand’s bread sticks products are also highly sought after as the bread and butter of its lunch line up. Care for some soup for your meal? Olive Garden stews their soup fresh everyday on the spot instead of relying on outsourcers to do the job.

With a mouthwatering line up of dishes for different meals; how about a merchant coupon to top it all up as the icing on the cake?

Olive Garden – A Brief Introduction

Founded by General Mills on the 13th of December 1982, Olive Garden had blossomed and grew by leaps and bounds since its inception in Orlando. By 1989, the brand had opened up 145 new outlets across the region, making it one of the fastest growing restaurant franchises. With an ever expanding fleet of new outlets, the brand soon became the largest Italian-themed restaurant franchise in the USA.

General Mills soon established its franchise holdings with a stand-alone entity called Darden Restaurants. Olive Garden remains Darden’s most budget-oriented franchise with a comparably lower average check per person compared to its sister companies.

As of 2010, Olive Garden generate an estimated $3.3 billion in revenue; eclipsing its nearest rival by a fair margin. Carrabba’s Italian Grill only managed to amass a small fraction of Olive Garden’s sales during the same period of time. With sales declining over the past years due to unforeseen economic downturns, the company began to implement more value-oriented course meals in an effort to stop the rot.

Olive Garden currently operates through a global network of outlets; with the figure standing at 730 as of early 2011.

Olive Garden Reviews – Word on the streets

Being the leader of the pack, the reviews received for Olive Garden are nothing short of impressive. With a touch of authentic Italian food to go along with a conventional western cuisine, it actually is the best of both worlds.

An elderly woman in North Dakota became an internet sensation overnight with her review of the restaurant. She applauded the restaurant’s generous portions as well as captivating décor. She also specifically mentioned that the restaurant that she dined in was the most beautiful outlet operating in Grand Forks. Her review was so well received that she eventually hopped onto a plane to meet top food critic Anthony Bourdain personally!

On a lighter note, regular patrons have also given warm remarks about the restaurants overall performance; from the food and the portion to their service and hygiene. Outlets are generally well maintained with impressive internal decorations and designs. The waiters were always on their toes to provide service with a smile on their face. Above it all, the remarks about their cuisine has been off the charts. Satisfied customers used words such as ‘delicious’, ‘tasty’ and ‘great’ to describe the cuisine. The portions are also generous; enough to fill the appetite of any regular person.

Customers are also appreciative of the merchant coupons on offer, which I will get to in just a bit. On the other side of the coin, customers have mentioned outlets being too packed during meal times. Think of it this way; the restaurant must be doing things right to have patrons flocking into their outlets.

Olive Garden Brand Coupons

You can now get a merchant discount by getting yourself a merchant coupon from Olive Garden. These coupons entitle you and your dining partner a discount of $5 off your bill when you dine at any Olive Garden outlets. You may redeem $2.50 off with your merchant coupons should you dine alone. These coupons can be redeemed even for Olive Garden’s new Passion for Parmesan line. Talking about saving for an already value for money meal.

Each merchant coupon comes with a unique code. These merchant coupon codes are tailored in a way to prohibit any form of reproduction or sale of them. Each patron is only allowed one brand coupon per visit. Besides that, every coupon comes with a maturity date. Any attempts to use these brand coupons after the expiration date will not be entertained by Olive Garden.

Brand coupons from Olive Garden can be printed out from their company website with just a few simple clicks. Coupons are also handed out at Olive Garden outlets to patrons as a part of their advertising and marketing scheme. The brand printable coupons are basically the same as the ones handed out at Olive Garden outlets; carrying the same benefits with the same predetermined regulations.

Remember to keep an eye on your merchant coupon code for their expiration date. All brand coupons will be void once the expired. They are neither transferrable nor redeemable for any monetary consideration. Therefore it is best to head out to the nearest Olive Garden around you to enjoy a meal at a special discount before the coupons become useless.