In 1901 John Nordstom and a partner opened a shoe store in Seattle. The store quickly became known for selling only those shoes made with the best materials and the highest quality workmanship. When John Nordstrom and his partner retired from the company the second generation of Norstrom business men took over the company followed by the third generation. By the 1960's they began branching out into clothing as well and by 1971, they were named the West Coasts Largest Fashion Specialty store. Today, this company has specialty fashion stores coast to coast and is considered to be a high end department store offering a variety of merchandise.

The company not only continued to sell the highest quality items, but made a name for themselves as catering to the individual needs of consumers who wanted high quality merchandise at a reasonable price. Today, the company sells a variety of products including jewelry, and beauty products, all of high quality. However, quality costs, and even though Nordstrom does try and keep their prices reasonable they may be out of reach for many people who are on a limited budget. However, to help reduce costs, and make their products even more affordable Norstrom offers a variety of merchant coupons and discounts to help you get the products you want.

Types Of Nordstrom Merchant Coupons Available

Nordstrom's offer a variety of merchant coupons so that consumers can choose the type of discount they want on the products they choose to purchase. These coupons Include:

  • Percentages off on purchases. Some of these percentages are as high as 50% to 60 %
  • Free shipping on certain purchases
  • Free gift items. Many of the free gift with purchase coupons are for beauty products and are a great value with some of these free gifts being worth over $100.00
  • Other Nordstrom merchant coupons combine money savings for their customers offering both a certain percentage off as well as free shipping on the products they order.

Products You Can Save Money On Using Nordstrom's Discount Codes and Coupons

Unlike many stores that offer merchant coupons on products that have proven to be less than popular Nordstrom's offer their discount coupons for those products you really need and want. Here are just some of the product's they offer money saving coupons for.

  • Fashion footwear including shoes, and Ugg boots for men, women and children.
  • Denim and Leather clothing
  • Purses by top designers including Kate Spade
  • Beauty supplies including foaming face and body washes, moisturizers, body creams, perfumes, nail polishes and other such items.
  • Jewelry including nice discounts on men's watches.
  • Wedding, and Prom dresses

With Nordstrom's merchant coupons and discount codes, even those people who can't normally shop at one of this companies retail stores can take advantage of their money saving deals and pick up one or two quality items for an extremely affordable price. Those who shop regularly at Nordstrom's can purchase even more of their products with the money they will save purchasing these products.