KFC Corporation is one of the few brands in America which has the 59 years of history of serving high quality nutritional foods to the American community. It is based in Louisville. So far KFC is the post popular restaurant which serves the highest quality and tasty chicken products. KFC is specialized in original recipes, extra crispy, Colonel, strips and Honey BBQ wings. KFC also serves the freshly prepared chicken sandwiches for the customers.

At the moment KFC has outlets of over 105 countries and territories all around the world. As a number KFC has more than 15,000 outlets all over the world.

History of KFC:

The KFC Corporation is founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. He is born just outside Henryville, Indiana in 1890’s. He has done variety of jobs such as farm hand, streetcar conductor, army private in cuba, tire salesman and etc.

In 1930’s Harland Sanders opened his first restaurant in a small room of a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. The dining area is named as “Sanders Courts & Café”.

Thereafter in 1936 Kenturcky Governor Ruby Laffoon has given the recognition award to Harland sanders due to his great services for the state.

Later he expands his small restaurant into a large 142 seat restaurant around 1937. In 1939 the Court & Café restaurant has listed in Duncan Hines with the topic of “Adventure in Good Eating”. There after his restaurant has burnt by a fire and he has to rebuild it and reopened it. At the same time KFC introduced the pressure cooker to speed up their cooking process.

In 1953 KFC was awarded with Pete Harman of Salt Lake City with the first KFC franchise. At last in 2011 KFC opens eco-friendly restaurant in Indianapolis.

Thereafter KFC has grown up to a large multinational organization which serves delicious highest quality food items to the whole world.

Product line and most popular products of KFC:

At the moment KFC holds variety of food items for their customers. Among them the most popular ones are listed below.

  1. Verity Bucket
  2. Deluxe Boneless Box
  3. Colonel Meal
  4. Home style biscuits
  5. Corn
  6. Avalanche
  7. Mac and Cheese
  8. Popcorn Chicken
  9. Variety Box
  10. BBQ beans
  11. Hot Wings Side box
  12. Rolo Ice Cream Tub

The popularity of above product is depend on the country they serves their foods and the culture of that particular country.

KFC Coupon codes

KFC issues coupon codes and promotion codes for their customers. This allows the customers to buy the same quality food products for cheaper price by providing discounts on different products. KFC releases different coupon codes frequently to promote their products. So it is a good chance to have a coupon code and dine in KFC for cheapest price.

There are few other advantages of coupon codes. But all are depend on the type and the offer of the coupon.

  1. Discounted prices: Almost all the people are willing to have tasty foods for cheapest price. This discounted meal prices makes the opportunity to have a delicious meal for the best price.
  1. Discounted Shipping or Free shipping: Some coupon codes will remove the prices for shipping for different territories.
  1. Buy one and get one free coupons: Some coupons all you to buy one meal and have the same meal for free. If you are a couple, then this is best suited for you.
  1. Make selections: Some coupons allow the customers to select one product from a group of products. So this improves the customer satisfaction. More people will attract to select the products what they wants.

KFC has all kind of coupon codes to satisfy your needs. From its childhood it provides the best coupon codes for ever by competing with its competitors. KFC most powerful tools are the quality and the tasty of the chicken products. It makes the KFC as a market giant in chicken meals. Now it serves more than millions of people a day throughout the world effectively and efficiently with their dedicated work teams. They deliver meals at time to your door step. What you have to do is just go online and order your delicious meal with your coupon code by making few mouse clicks. Then go to your door and open it. They are at your door step with your delicious meal. What are you waiting for?