GameStop is one of the leading brands in video game retailing industry today. GameStop, which is based in Texas, United States, has come a long way from its humble beginning in the year 1984. The fact that the company has more than 6000 stores worldwide says a lot about the reputation and trust that GameStop enjoys in the gaming industry. The company has around 50000 employees and is managed by the visionary chairman R. Richard Fontaine. Actually, the GameStop that you see today is the result of mergers and acquisitions of many other companies since its existence. GameStop merged with EB Games in 2005 it acquired rhino video games in 2007, and recently in 2011 it acquired impulse and spawn labs. Apart from the local acquisitions, GameStop has also acquired many high-end companies in other countries. For instance; in 2008, it purchased around fifty one stores from “free record shop”, which was a Dutch company. In addition to the highly popular, the company has two other outstanding websites namely; and These two websites are specifically geared towards flash gaming.

Product Line/Services

GameStop offers its customers the most extensive range of games for almost all the popular platforms. You can purchase games for PlayStation, Xbox 360, DS, Nintendo Wii, with best GameStop deals, and it also offers the largest variety of games for personal computers and laptops. All the games are neatly classified according to different genres, such as sports, strategy, shooters, arcade games, simulations, cards and puzzles. The best thing about GameStop deals is that you can even buy used games here at highly discounted prices.

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The Bottom Line

There are numerous reasons why GameStop has become one of the most outstanding game retailing companies today. Some of these reasons include; genuine and highest quality games, the best prices that no other game retailer can dare to offer, the largest variety of games to select from, option to buy the used games at highly discounted prices, and all these with super fast delivery. If you are a game addict, you must agree that these are the things that any hardcore gamer wants from his game retailer. Now add GameStop discount codes and GameStop coupons to these amazing offers and what you will get would be an irresistible opportunity that you should never miss at all costs.