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Doritos first appeared to the public in the United States back in 1966. It was the first tortilla chip snack to be released nationwide, and they started growing very fast to end up becoming one of the top selling snack foods in the entire world. Their success is also due to their great offers and coupon discounts that benefit all kinds of business and personal home economy.

They have a good assortment of variety packs that are always being offered in the many coupons they have to share. Their most famous snack is probably the nacho cheese Doritos, which is sold in many countries all over the world. They also have cool ranch, spicy nacho, zesty cheese and other extravagant flavors like smoky chipotle and intense pickle. The Doritos Company is so huge and trustworthy, that it has been advertised in almost every super bowl and other relevant sports events.

They have many presentations for their line of snacks. Some of them are small enough to give your kids so they can have a treat in school recess, and others are big enough to serve in a bowl for your social gatherings.

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