Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheeses is perhaps one of the most famous family restaurants in America. The main target for the company is the youth market, and that is clearly evident from the second that you walk through the door. Many of their locations are packed to the brim with not only a fantastic restaurant, but also an arcade, and in some cases and amusement ride. For any child, a trip to Chuck E. Cheeses is one of the things they crave the most. This is perhaps the main reason why so many children’s birthday parties are held here, and I am willing to wager that there are very few children in America that haven’t attended one.

Chuck E. Cheeses is able to differentiate itself from its competitors by it being one of the ultimate places to have fun. Every single game in the arcade here is incredibly cheap, and not only do families come here for fantastic food, but they also come to have a great day out.

History of Chuck E. Cheeses

The company was originally founded under the name as ‘Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre’. The inventor and founder of the company was Nolan Bushnell, who a number of years earlier had founded Atari. He used the experienced that he gained from this company i.e. the knowledge of the video games industry in order to come up with the concept.

The first Chuck E. Cheeses restaurant was opened up in Sand Jose, California in 1977. It was the first restaurant that incorporated an arcade, entertainment and food into the same environment. The concept proved so popular that it was purchased from Bushnell in 1978 by the parent company of Atari, Warner Communications.

The brand became incredibly successful, and Bushnell recognized the ability for the company to expand. He then turned to franchising out the concept. He formed a partnership with Robert Brock who was awarded the ability to open up Chuck E. Cheeses exclusively across the southern and mid-western areas of the United States. This agreement was broken a couple of years later and was settled out of court. However, it resulted in Robert Brock owning a competing chain known as Showbiz Pizza Place.

Chuck E. Cheeses became listed as public company in 1981, however, changes in the video game industry meant that it began to lose a lot of money. It ended up having to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, the company which almost lead to its downfall a number of years earlier, Showbiz Pizza Place bought out the company, which led to a merger and the company becoming safe.

In 1992, all restaurants under the merged company were renamed to ‘Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza’, with the pizza part of the name being dropped 2 years later.

There are over 540 restaurants in the United States operating under the Chuck E. Cheeses Brand name. The company hasn’t expanded to overseas markets.

Chuck E. Cheeses Menu Items

Of course, the main items which are served on the Chuck E. Cheeses menu are their pizzas, it is how the company started after all. Since all of the pizzas are made fresh to order, anybody that visits the Chuck E. Cheeses restaurant is able to design their own pizza in a number of different sizes. Despite the ‘design concept’ there are a number of ‘fixed’ pizzas that are available. Perhaps the most popular of these being the ‘Super Combo’ or the ‘Vegetarian’.

There are a number of complements to these pizzas. This includes buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and access to a well-stocked salad bar.

In recent years Chuck E. Cheeses has begun to introduce a number of ‘Grilled Sandwiches’ to their range. This includes Hot Dogs, Ham & Cheese Ciabatta and a Roasted Chicken Ciabatta. The menu does vary from location to location however.

Chuck E. Cheeses Coupons

If you want to save money on your Chuck E. Cheeses experience then you will do well to get your hands on some coupons. The ones available vary from time to time, but you can look forward to considerable savings on your meal, as well as free tokens to spend in the arcade. You should always stay up to date on the latest Chuck E. Cheeses Coupons if you are planning a trip there.