Burger King

Burger King has always played second fiddle to the biggest burger franchise operation on the planet, McDonalds. However, I am sure that anybody who has eaten at Burger King will agree that the food is far superior in every way, right the way from their delightful burgers (which of course is what the company is famed for) through to newer healthy options on the menu.

The Burger King brand is one of the most recognisable in the world, and a trip to Burger King is always high on the agenda of any family for almost any occasion. With a Burger King in almost every city or town in the United States, it won’t take long to find a location that offers fantastic burgers made from high quality ingredients at the best possible prices.

History of Burger King

This history of Burger King is incredibly long. It all started back in 1953 though, ‘in Jacksonville, Florida to be exact. It was when Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns visited the original location of McDonald’s in California. They went out and purchased the rights to two machines known as ‘Insta’ machines and the first restaurants were opened, under the name of ‘Insta Burger-King’.

The company run into a little bit of trouble in 1959 and profits dropped off a little. It was then purchased by franchisees of the company, James McLamore and David R. Edgerton. They tasked themselves with turning the idea of Burger King around. And their first job? Renaming the company to what we know and love today. During this time they worked alone, and over the eight years they had the company it expanded to 250 locations in the United States. The company was soled to the Pillsbury Company in 1967.

The company tried to restructure the company a number of times through the hiring of several prominent executives. One of the main these main changes was the hiring of Donald N. Smith in 1978.He was an executive of McDonald’s. He started to incorporate a more ‘commercial’ structure to the company, and this included standard restaurant designs and a much broader menu. Other changes were made after he left. These changes attempted to get Burger King to compete with McDonald’s. This period was known as the ‘Burger Wars’ and involved the companies taking snaps at each other through their advertisements. At this point the name of Burger King really began to spread around.

However, after the executives who instigated these changes left, the company began to scale back on its operations, and this caused sales to decline. The Pillsbury Company was eventually bought out by Grand Met, a British company. Whilst they put a bit of effort into the Burger King brand, the advertising they incorporated was still ineffectual. Eventually this neglect caused many franchisees operating under the Burger King brand to go out of business. As a result, Burger King was put up for sale in 2000.

The company was purchased by TPG Capital, a group of investment firms. They paid $1.5 billion for the company in 2002. The company was listed on the stock exchanged in 2006. They instantly incorporated a program designed to revitalize the brand, and by and large it worked, although it is still sitting far behind McDonald’s, and the current financial crisis is doing it absolutely no favours.

The company now has several thousand branches all over the world.

Burger King Menu Items

For many years the menu of Burger King remained largely unchanged, and the standard fare that was offered in the restaurants were fries, burgers, soft drinks and milk shakes. However, in 1957 a burger was introduced that would change Burger King forever. This was the Whopper sandwich, now without a doubt one of the most popular burgers in the menu at Burger King, this sandwich has been made available in a number of variations, and is often the burger which is seen to drive the Burger King Brand.

Over the years they have diversified their menu beyond beef items. This includes burgers made from chicken and fish, as well as the introduction of a number of vegetarian options. Salads now also appear to be standard fare in the many locations around the world.

At the moment the Burger King Menu is incredibly dynamic, and they are always introduce ‘limited time’ products in order to draw customers in. If you want to sample these then you will need to be quick, they are withdrawn after a very short while.

In addition to this, they offer a value meal and children’s meal which is supplied with a free toy.

Burger King Coupons

If you want to save money on your burger king meal then you will do well to grab hold of some Burger King coupons, they are always available. The coupons on offer will vary from time to time, however you should expect things such as ‘free items’ with a meal, or perhaps a 2 for 1 offer.