Advil has been a trusted brand for pain relief since 1984. Advil is an NSAID, or nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug, and is considered by the FDA to be one of the safest NSAIDs out on the market. Advil is an alternative pain reliever to using aspirin or Tylenol, which contains acetaminophen. You might have run across an Advil coupon and wondered if this was the right product for you or your family.

Advil has been consistently marketed a versatile pain reliever that is strong enough for everyday aches and pains and indeed, “The Everyday Pain Reliever” is one of their marketing slogans. Advil marketing focus on the daily aches and pains of life, such as muscle aches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis pain, reduce fevers, backaches, cold and flu pain and headaches.

Advil is a popular choice for people looking for pain relief because it is long lasting and safer than Tylenol to take. Acetaminophen has been linked to liver damage when taken in excess. The ingredient of Advil is ibuprofen and not acetaminophen. Doctors and pharmacists have long recommended Advil to their patients; it is a brand that is highly effective and trusted.

The Advil Product Line

  • Advil – The product that started it all, the Advil round tablet. Advil is also available in caplets and gel caplets. Useful for everyday pains and to bring down fevers, this is medicine that is tough on pain.
  • Advil Liqui-Gels – For tough pain that needs faster relief use Advil Liqui-Gels. Advil’s Liqui-Gels have consistently outperformed Tylenol’s Rapid Release Gels when it comes to quick and effective pain relief.
  • Advil Migraine – Anybody who has had a migraine can tell you that when you get one, you need relief and you need it fast. A migraine can stop you in its tracks and Advil migraine will get you moving again. These liquid-filled- capsules will provide migraine relief for the pain, light and sound sensitivity, and nausea.
  • Advil PM – When something hurts, sleeping is difficult. The makers of Advil understand that so they combined the effectiveness of Advil with a sleep aid that will help ease your pain while giving you a good night’s sleep. Advil PM is available in caplets or in Liqui-Gel form.

Advil Coupons – Your Savings on the #1 Pain Relieving Product

Advil deals and printable coupons are the best way to become acquainted with Advil. Advil has become the number #1 pain-relieving product in America for a reason; use your Advil discount to discover why so many people make this their preferred choice in pain relief.

Advil came onto the market with a product that worked and they have kept their product line simple for a reason, their product works. Advil is tough on pain and that is why you can find it in so many medicine cabinets. From every day aches and pains to migraines, Advil has a formula to fit your needs. From quick acting Liqui-Gels to their distinctive round tablets, Advil works. If your pain reliever is falling below par, try Advil and see why so many people make this this trusted brand.