2019 Buyer’s Guide to the Best Digital Piano Under $1000

2019 Buyer’s Guide to the Best Digital Piano Under $1000

The brief

Digital piano is one of the best assets to lots of professionals, engaged in the musical field. Nowadays, both hobbyists and expert musicians like to play piano. The best fact is that it is easy to play these modern digital pianos. However, as several brands have designed these pianos, you may find the difference in sound quality and many other features. So, we have helped you to pick the right digital piano for your needs.

Main description

In order to purchase the digital piano, you have to consider the factors, like:

  • Versatility – The best digital pianos enable you in controlling the volume range. You may also make everything silent by putting on your headphones.
  • Convenience – A lighter piano is easier to carry, and after your everyday performance, you can put it to your storage unit.
  • Recording option – You can track your own performance with the help of recording ability of your piano. Create songs and have more fun from it.
  • Teaching tools – The beginners get benefited from the metronomes, chord information, lessons and many other things.
  • Connectivity option - MIDI and USB options are the major features for connectivity. Flash memory card is also acceptable in some of the systems.

In addition to it, you have to check out the features, like:

  • Keyboard - You have to know whether it is semi-weighted or weighted. Hammer action also works as hammer for improving the response.
  • Quality of sound - For digital pianos, it is related to the technology, applied for capturing samples for different pianos. Every user looks for the high-resolution and realistic sound.

We have reviewed the most reliable digital piano models to help you in making the best deal.

Review list

1. P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano from Yamaha

Yamaha P71 digital piano is one of the popular instruments to the professional musicians. Equipped with a power adopter and one sustain pedal, this piano can be played conveniently. The keyboard with eighty-eight keys is designed both for the beginners and the expert ones. There is also a collection of ten diverse voices, which enable you in testing out your own creativity. Moreover, due to the lightweight and slim design, you can move the piano to any place.

Another good feature of the piano is its double mode. This helps you in linking two devices so that you can run them simultaneously. Synthesizers are integrated to the system, and you may have a trial of all types of music.

There is also recording option and you will be able to play a particular music several times. Other accessories, included in the package, are USB port and earphones.

  • Advanced quality sound
  • Simple in design and easy operation using only a button
  • Improved keyboard for expressive style of playing
  • No LED screen included in the system

2. Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano from Casio

While you are looking for an entry-level piano, you can rely on Casio. It has replaced PX150, the older model, and has offered lots of features. The weight of its full-size piano is twenty-five pounds. The speaker design is also much superior. AiR Sound Source, applied for this piano is also a unique feature, and it is intended to produce clearer sound at higher volume.

Duet Mode and split mode help you in splitting the keyboard into 2 separate ones. So, you may play your piano and bass simultaneously.

Moreover, you will get two headphone sockets with this system, and you can access them easily. USB connectivity is another useful feature for which you can link the system with computer.

  • Creates multi-dimensional sounds
  • Eighteen piano tones are highly authentic
  • Recorder with two tracking system
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Lightweight model
  • Shortcuts and various options are little confusing

3. Foldable 61 Keys Flexible Digital Piano from Lujex

Lujex piano can be the best gift for the teens or children as there is no risk of breakage. The new piano players may also buy it for their everyday use. You can roll it up after your playing session is over. It is also easy to put the unit inside your bag to carry it to any place. The keyboard structure is made of only rubber and non-toxic silicone, and it is highly functional for all types of users. Moreover, as you can connect your headset, you may be able to play piano without disturbing others.

This is a sixty-one-key piano with forty demos and hundred rhythms. In addition to it, there are 128 pleasing tones for the piano players. The steel colored console section also looks good. All the technical qualities are also high.

  • Best for having fun
  • Small and durable structure
  • Standard piano keyboard
  • Played best only with two fingers

4. DGX230 76-Key Digital Piano from Yamaha

For most of the music learners, this piano is the right option. To say about the keyboard, there are seventy-six keys, which have GST actions and various resistance levels. Full Keyboard Mode enables you to play the system as a professional standard keyboard. There are also thirty integrated songs and seventy others are in CD-ROM. These songs have been added to right and left-hand parts separately.

Multi-track recorder is intended for recording more than one instrument simultaneously, and each of the parts is assigned to various tracks. There are 6 tracks for holding melodies.

  • One Touch Setting for easy operation
  • Comprehensive keyboard settings
  • Realistic sounds
  • Includes Performance Assistant system, preventing you from playing wrong chords and notes
  • Headphone jack helps you in retaining your privacy
  • Enjoy lots of digital effects
  • Offers a user manual
  • Tones have consistency issues

5. Coda Pro | 88-Key Digital Piano from Alesis

Alesis is another brand, offering well-designed digital piano with unique sound system. Just as most other models, there are eighty eight keys with this piano with high versatility. Each of these keys gives you the best experience with its hammer action. AUX technology is another feature that you can apply for any external tool. Moreover, there are twenty voices, available for your choice, and lots of advanced piano players may get advantage from them. The layering and splitting capabilities are also notable. You will create deeper and better sound with these systems. Fifty accompany styles enable you in the development of a unique piece of music.

MIDI and USB connectivity helps you in linking computer system with the digital piano. Integrated songs will also assist you in enhancing your skills. You have to use Coda Piano Stand for installing the system. You need to link this stand using only one cable. Its 3-pedal unit will set up the instrument firmly. The classic wood finish has offered a sophisticated look.

  • Helps with easier development of playing style
  • Best quality sound
  • Built-in metronome
  • Headphones to play piano privately
  • Voice range has variations

6. DGX-660 88 Weighted Keys Digital Piano from Yamaha

This is another product from Yahama, and though it is slightly costlier, it has several interesting features. You will be able to learn music, play it and share any music. There are various acoustic setups, and its keyboard enables you in connecting the instrument with a microphone. While playing piano, you can sing a song and get it recorded. The system presents you with LCD screen. However, you may also switch to a lyric screen that reveals you MIDI song notation. The speaker of this model is much powerful as well as fine-tuned. You can play any type of music. The package also consists of power cable, a stand, sustain pedal, piano bench, headphone and dust cover.

  • Graded Hammer Standard keyboard
  • Weighted keys
  • Authentic sound
  • Includes a stretchy cover
  • Knox bench- Not much high

7. 61-Key Electronic Keyboard from RockJam

As one of the affordable digital pianos, RockJam has pleased most of the music lovers. The compact keyboard includes sixty-one keys. You will also enjoy the playback and recording functionality. There are fifty demo songs with hundred sounds and rhythms. Headphones, offered by this brand, reduce your privacy issues. The keyboard stand structure is adjustable and sturdy. Whether you are in your studio or at home, you may play this piano easily. The padded stool also gives you comfort while playing keyboard. The LCD screen enables you to control the chords and keys rightly. So, practice more and increase your skills of playing piano to act as a professional.

  • High-quality keyboard
  • Includes a stand
  • Free songs
  • Default volume level remains maximum, while activating the keyboard every time
  • Stiffer keys

Final thoughts

So, read our review and make a purchase to get the highest value from your investment on piano. These digital pianos have all the features to give you the best experience. We have listed the pianos, which are below $1000, and thus, you can surely afford to buy them.