What to Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

It is vital to know that your dog may die from eating chocolate, because from time to time we feed our pet scraps from our table without realizing that there are chemicals in them that can be dangerous, or even deadly, for our pets. One of them is chocolate.

The main reason for this is a substance called theobromine, which is found in all cocoa beans, the quantity which varies according to the type of chocolate.

Theobromine is a chemical commonly found in chocolate. It is similar to the caffeine content in coffee and is supposed to be more toxic in a larger amount. The negative effects may have a greater impact per 100 mg/kg of body weight in a simple sample of Theobromine. This is mainly fatal due to the presence of highly toxic substances. The main aspects such as metabolic activity, size, class, of the dog are important when it comes to preventing your dog from eating chocolates.

The nervous system, the heart, and the kidneys can be affected when dog consumes caffeine or Theobromine. If the dog is not fully monitored, the dog may have frequent urinary problems, nauseating sensation, and dehydration at the highest order. When the pup starts to live with it, it becomes hyperactive and begins to lose balance, increased blood pressure and excess heat emanating from the body. Sometimes it can lead to death due to certain diseases, such as loss of consciousness.

It applies to cocoa as well. Cocoa shells contain high levels of Theobromine and should not be given to a dog in any way. White chocolate also if consumed in large quantities should be a problem and does not cause problems if consumed in small quantities because they are made mainly of milk.

If you think your dog has consumed chocolate, you should contact your veterinarian without delay, especially if it shows any indication. If possible, explain the quantity and type of chocolates the dog eat. State clearly what symptoms you see in your dog because your veterinarian can advise you to do something or you may be asked to bring your dog for a diagnosis.

There are a large number of alternatives and scrap provisions that a dog owner can give to a dog that does not bring risks. Most of these involve meat and vegetables that are okay to be eaten. Every dog loves it, especially if grafted with sauce! However, even the most vigilant dog owners may not be able to stop a dog 100%. Try to observe any changes in the dog.

In case your dog eats chocolate, have him vomit immediately and then give him a solution of water that has activated charcoal mixed with it. Toxiban charcoal, a branded category, is in powder form and can absorb many toxic chemicals and thus prevent it from damaging the dog's organs.