Top 5 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Dog Food

Top 5 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Dog Food

As a pet owner, did you ever take the extra time to really look into what you’re feeding your beloved pet? If you answered no, then chances are, your dog may not be getting the proper nutrition it needs.

The sad truth is, most pet owners make the mistake of choosing dog food on the basis of price rather than nutritional value. If you want to change all that, then its time for you to start paying close attention to your dog’s diet. Here are 4 tips on how you can choose the perfect dog food for your pet.

Make it a habit to check the labels

This is the first step in ensuring that your dog gets the proper nutrition from the food that you put in front of it. Just by checking the labels, you’ll be able to get a clear idea on what you’ve been feeding your dog all long. Make sure to choose food that has a large percentage of meat and vegetable. Stay away from soy or any other common meat substitutes that cheaper dog food have as it’s been scientifically proven that these ingredients can trigger allergic reaction in dogs.

Choose a brand with the most nutritional value

Before you settle for a food brand, you need to thoroughly investigate the different brands that are available to you. This step will help you seed out the reputable manufacturers from those that are really just producing subpar food products. Don’t hesitate to check out online reviews on the different food manufacturers so that you can have a better idea on which dog food brands are packed with the most nutritional value.

Give your dogs food that is suitable to their age

It’s also important that you choose dog food that is suitable for your dog’s age. Dogs, just like humans, have different needs as they age which means you shouldn’t feed a puppy just any regular dog food. You need to give it food that is suitable for its sensitive digestive system. If your dog has special needs, then you should probably be much more critical with what he or she eats since the wrong kind of dog food will often cause more harm than good.

Beware of fillers

Many dry dog food brands will use filers instead of quality products to make up a large portion of the food. This help your dig fill fuller quicker. This sounds like a good thing but your dog actually misses out on key nutrients by eating dog food that is has a large amount of fillers. Fillers can be high amount of corn, soy, wheat, meal, etc. The higher the protein value of the food, the better it will be for your dog.

Always remember that protein and carbohydrate are essential

The key to a healthy dog diet is dog food that has the right balance of protein and carbohydrates. Protein is a must as it helps develop and maintain your dog’s muscle mass while carbohydrates is essential in ensuring that your dog has all the energy it needs to go about its day. Don’t scrimp on these two vital ingredients and always aim for a high percentage of the two when looking at your labels. If you see that a certain dog food that has an unreasonable amount of water in them, disregard them immediately. It’s just a tactic for cheaper manufacturers to bulk up their products.

Now that you know how you can choose the perfect dog food for your pet dog, make sure that you put these tips into practice starting today. Always remember to give your dog the proper care and attention it needs. Since they are considered to be man’s best friends they deserve to be treated in such a way.

Top 5 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Dog Food