Top 5 Dog Accessories for a Clean and Healthy Pet

Top 5 Dog Accessories for a Clean and Healthy Pet

The pet accessories market has expanded significantly in recent years, making it confusing for pet owners to decide which accessories are essential or optional.

Enlighten consumers usually break down their purchases into three categories:

  • Must have
  • Nice to have
  • Can have, provided it doesn’t

We can apply the same rule when buying accessories for our dog. The guiding theme should be: purchase only those accessories that will keep your pet clean and healthy. Unless you take your pet to dog show regularly to show him off, you need buy only those products that will help him stay clean and healthy.

We have selected dog accessories that fall under the “must have” category:

Dog Beds

Your dog’s bed should provide adequate body support. Make sure that materials are hypoallergenic and that no toxic elements were used in the manufacturing of the bed. Choose a brand that will prevent bunching or shifting so that your dog’s comfort is ensured 100%.

A suggestion for a dog bed is one that has an exterior made of eco-friendly recycled cotton which is more gentle on your dog’s skin and is machine washable. You can also check if the product or brand has been endorsed by reputable veterinarian association or dog health organization.

Dog Tent

If you like to take your dog outdoors during extremely hot and cold weather, a portable tent that can be used outdoors, indoors and inside the van will come in handy and will protect your dog from the elements. It is an umbrella-like mechanism that props up at the flick of a button. A dog tent serves as an extension of your dog’s house or bed; most dog tents come with claw-proof windows made of soft mesh material and a “porch” in the front. This makes travelling with your dog easier, particularly when your cat breaks down in extreme weather conditions and you’re waiting for help to come.

Pain Relief

If you have an older dog, their joints and muscles can suffer from pain and swelling. Obesity, seniority and a sedentary lifestyle can trigger arthritic symptoms. Note that young dogs can also have Pain symptoms. Choose a product that is made mostly of natural ingredients and which has been tested for effectiveness.

A pain relief product for your dog is your “first aid” chest. Select a product that also has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Use it when your pet is injured and is bleeding, has swollen joints or itchy skin.

Bathing Products

If your pet is suffering from even the most minor of skin irritation, use gentle coat shampoos that will not have an abrasive effect on skin. You can choose a shampoo that not only cleans but also disinfects your pet against flea dermatitis or infestation including hives, hot spots, odors, ringworms, thrush, wounds and sunburn.

Thousands of pet owners prefer natural oatmeal preparation for their pet’s shampoo because it does not irritate dry skin. You may also buy shampoo and body wash products that will untangle hair and give it a good shine.

Grooming Accessories

You want a stripping comb that will cover large areas of hair to quickly remove loose and falling hair especially if your dog has a thick undercoat, you may also want to consider a lava stripping stone which helps eliminate dead hair to improve the look of your dog’s coat.

Top 5 Dog Accessories for a Clean and Healthy Pet